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A three song blast of melodic heavy metal, GYR only hints at what is to come.

Beneath The Shadows is a powerhouse of metal that is the perfect introduction to the uninitiated.  It churns and blasts it's way into your head and refuses to leave.

Disappear is a classic hard rock ballad with pristine clean guitars and huge choruses.  Inspired by the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington,  Disappear deals with depression and being in the public eye, always having to put on an outward appearance that everything is great when inside you are fighting for your survival every day.

Inner Beast deals with the battle of drug addiction and finding the strength inside yourself to rise up and become the victor.  In the end, the only way to survive is to rise up and find you Inner Beast.


Don't you just love heavy and catchy grooves and great vocals?  If you're looking for a new band that provides you with just that, look no further than Kentucky's own Graveyard Romeos.  They just released a self-titled EP, containing 3 songs, two of which are heavy and one ballad.  Aside from Shawn Hatchell's great vocal performance, the guitar work from guitarist Patrick Gibson really shines, especially on the two heavy tracks: "Beneath The Shadows" and "Inner Beast".  The former is my favourite of the three tracks with captivating riffs and killer grooves.

The ballad "Disappear" is guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings due to the fact that the lyrics is inspired by the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.  The lyrics are written in the perspective of the victim who is suffering from depression, and the last two lines in the chorus: "Is there anyone sincere? / Is there someone that can hear as I slowly disappear.", seems like a portrayal of the victim crying out for help.  A really emotional track, and it may even cause some to shed a tear or two. 


Even though the EP is only three songs, it left me craving for some more.  Check out Graveyard Romeos by visiting any of their social media pages, and purchasing the EP, or catch them live at any of their upcoming dates.  I look forward to hearing what comes from them next!

Final Rating:  8.5/10

- Alex Stojanovic

Metal Master Kingdom

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